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Harvard Undergraduate Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics (GIIM) is an organization dedicated to creating a community of mathematicians particularly welcoming to women and gender minorities interested in math and to reducing the gender gap in Harvard’s math department. It was founded in May 2015 based off of feedback from the Gender Gap in Math Discussion and the Harvard Math Survey. This year, we will be running a female mathematician speaker series, a discussion series, community-building socials, and the National Math Survey.

Math Night

Need help finding a pset group? Think doing math is lonely? Come to Math Night!

Math Night is held every Monday night in Leverett dining hall from 8-10pm. Join us for psetting, snacks, and new friends!


The Crimson published an article on Harvard’s math department and on measures, including the efforts of GIIM, to promote an inclusive math culture.

Former co-founder and co-President Meena Boppana published an article on the founding of GIIM in the popular blog mathbabe.org.

The Crimson published an article covering the Gender Gap in Math Discussion panel and another article concerning the speaker series kickoff.

Former Co-President Vikram Sundar published an article in the Harvard Political Review analyzing the results of the Harvard Math Survey and proposing potential solutions.

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