Getting Involved in the Department Community

Undergraduate Events

The math department has a wonderful Undergraduate Events Committee! One event we highlight is Math Table, which hosts accessible informal weekly talks given mostly by undergrads about a topic of their choosing, typically every Wednesday at 5:30 pm in Science Center 507 (with dinner!). See the full undergraduate events calendar and page here.

Student Groups

Harvard Undergraduate Math Association (HUMA) and Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics (GIIM) are the two student organizations devoted to fostering a community in the Math Department. Both HUMA and GIIM jointly run a mentorships program endorsed by the undergraduate events board.

Harvard Undergraduate Math Association (HUMA) is committed to supporting the mathematical community at Harvard. HUMA runs events approximately once a month. Examples of previous events include a Pi Day Extravaganza, Putnam Pizza Parties and a Blackjack event. For more information, see HUMA’s webpage and join their mailing list.

Gender Inclusivity in Mathematics (GIIM) is a group dedicated to creating a more inclusive environment within the math department, specifically targeting the gender imbalance in the Harvard math department. To that end, GIIM runs speaker series and discussions, advising events, study breaks, and other social events, and plans the Women in Math and Statistics (WIMS) conference in the spring. For more information, see GIIM’s webpage and join their mailing list. GIIM events are open to all genders and concentrations!

Faculty Interaction

The easiest way to interact with faculty in the Math Department is by attending office hours. Almost all faculty will hold weekly office hours for courses they teach; you are always welcome to attend, even if you don’t have particular questions about the material and just want to introduce yourself to the professor. Another option is the Classroom to Table program, which allows you and a group of two to four other students to take a professor out to a restaurant in the Square. See here for more information.

The Math Department also hosts lunches roughly twice a month; all concentrators are invited to these lunches, and faculty, postdocs, and graduate students are generally also present. If you interested in receiving more information about Math Department events, please email Cindy Jimenez here.

If there is any further programming you would like to see in the Math Department, please contact Rosalie Belanger-Rioux here.

Department Resources

All concentrators have after-hours access to the Math Department. This includes the Birkhoff Mathematical Library on the Science Center’s 3rd floor, open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm, and the Austine and Clifton McDonnell Common Room on the Science Center’s 4th floor, more commonly known as the Math Lounge. We encourage students in the Math Department to take advantage of these resources both to work and to get to know other undergrads, graduate students, and faculty in the department.

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