Speaker Series: Gelonia Dent

gelonia dentSeeing Myself in Science: How Identity and Representation Impact Retention in STEM?

On Thursday April 18 at 3:30 PM in Emerson 105, GIIM hosted Gelonia Dent, who is currently Director of the Brown University Science Center. Her talk addressed the following question related to her academic work:

From the lack of inclusivity in the classroom to professional inequity, the retention of underrepresented groups and women in the physical sciences continues to be a major problem. How does students’ behavior, based on their identity and other factors, impact their academic success and their perceptions of equity?

Speaker Bio: Gelonia Dent earned her PhD in the Division of Applied Mathematics at Brown University in May 1999, under the guidance of Martin R. Maxey. Professor Dent works at the intersection of teaching, high capability computing administration and industrial research. Her academic focus is on improving student literacy in mathematics and related science. Her research focuses on computational and statistical modeling of applied and social sciences and their computational science phenomena.


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